Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Black Swan" and the Many Topics In and About It

When Natalie Portman goes crazy, she goes freaking nuts. But she's beautiful when she does.

I love this poster as a supplement
to the mainstream one
That said, Black Swan deserved every nomination and award it got--though it's mildly disappointing that the score couldn't win an Oscar since it's not technically original, just a revamp of the original composition. Oh well, I guess. It's still amazing.

This movie is Gritty, Intense, Dramatic, and Suspenseful. And, above all, Beautiful, in a scary, insane way. One critic had described it as "over the top," giving me weird expectations. And yes, it was a little, but in a good way.  It was...theatrical. I personally squirmed constantly at the violence or the threat of violence in the movie. Every second, I was terrified something painful and disgusting would happen--it started with the bleeding finger that she started to pull apart. Gag. I'm still trying not to remember it. But the violence wasn't overdone, like some movies--aka, Saw III and every single one after that. I mean, I wouldn't say there's a such thing as tasteful violence, but there's violence that fits and violence that's just there.

Besides that, this movie screws with your mind repeatedly. Once you find out that a particular scene didn't actually happen, you look back and remember little things that were out of place. This is one of the few movies that will probably give you more and more to see every time you watch it. Nothing can beat Fight Club, though I think we all know that.

And then did my friends say it..."awkward" parts. I usually call it that as well, but "adult" or "mature" probably works better.

Honestly, I don't mind it--again, probably not a such thing as "tasteful" sex in movies (sometimes the line between movies and porn blurs, especially in R movies)--but there's overdone, and there are things that fit. Here, I think it fits, and ultimately it's up to the creators of the movie and each individual audience member. Here, Nina (Portman) was an uptight, fragile (in soooooooo many ways) childlike girl. You saw her room, right? Stuffed animals and PINK everywhere (not the awesome singer, but the color). And apparently, in order to become the passionate and powerful Black Swan, she has to find "sexual freedom." Not really, just saying.

**Note to all writers out there. Be creative. Break the mold. Next time a character is tightly wound, unwind them without any sex. I DARE YOU. Do something Hollywood hasn't done yet.**

Nina finds her power as the seductive Black Swan, but loses her mind doing it. Leading to an ending that is simultaneously triumphant, terrifying, and tragic. Oh, and insane. Have I said insane enough??? Because that's what this movie is. Wonderfully insane. The ending was just right, and poetic to boot.

The other actors were also perfect--I love to see Mila Kunis, whom I know from "That 70's Show" and "Family Guy," do something that well. She provided most of the funny moments in the movie in an easy, realistic way. It was awesome. And Barbara Hershey, the mom, was scary, as was Winona Ryder. Like really scary.

And after doing a little extra research, I discover (thanks to that Portman suffered some intense injuries on set--like a concussion and dislocated rib. That's dedication.

With that said, I give this movie a rating of!

Drum roll please!

Keep going...

Not there yet

Don't stop now!

Halfway there!

Just kidding.

SPOON! If I could go back to the movies theaters and see it, I would. Unfortunately, money prevents that occurrence. But I would like to see it again, maybe notice something new.

Next post, I am going to find an older (20+ years) movie that's interesting, and maybe a newer one that's really not well known. I want to spice it up!!!!

Live Long and Prosper!

PS--I'm trying to add some more life to the blog, so here's one of my favorite pieces from the movie. It has the classical bit that reflects the ballet and the movie's ties to the ballet, then a darker side that reminds you what Nina's losing in her journey of becoming the Swan Queen:

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