About Me

My name is Bry, and I am a servant of Jesus Christ. I'm a college student in AZ studying business and computer science. I have a large and diverse family, and somehow I still like them all. I also like reading, math, and kids--the weirdest combination out there. One day, I would like to publish a novel I've written, but first comes the ability to talk about it...that's coming, I promise.

Apart from that, I'm a self-described spazz, liable at any moment to do something insane and fun. I have amazing friends and family who allow me to be my weird self.

I am also finding a balance between my good side and my dark side. The good side says "Stay classy. Don't curse, keep your perverted thoughts to yourself and be nice."

The dark side says, "Classy is for wimps, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID (and other, more perverse things), and find your inner beyoch."

Again...finding a balance.

Movie-wise, I'm not a fan of romantic comedies unless I know they're gonna be good, tearjerkers (again, unless I know they're good), factory-made horror, or political movies. I'm open to a lot, but usually these categories are lame.